Monday, August 1, 2011

14. Want to post? requires that I invite people in order for them to be able to post.  If you want that ability, do a comment -- "I'd like to post." -- to any entry and the website will notify me by email.   I will then have your email address and will write you back with the additional steps you must take in order to become a "poster child."  :)

You may also email me directly from the site.  Click my avatar (the little white dog) under "Members" on the right side of the page.  Then click the "Send a message" link and start typing.

Now for some added fun.  I am offering to write personalized limericks!  For now, they're going to be free (and always will be to my friends), but if this site takes off, I will probably move it to a website that allows commerce.  You might "order" one for someone's birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, etc.  All I need is the name of the honoree, some facts, incidents, and so forth and I'll whip one up!  You'll get to specify clean, suggestive, or smutty!

My high school buddy with the handle "wanusp" requested one so here it is:

A vulgar old fellow named Waynus
Performs sexual conquests most heinous
He should clean up his act
Or else he'll get sacked
(At the least he'll get kicked in the anus.)

For you Shakespeare fans (and so the 5th line isn't totally obvious) I submit this alternate ...
Like that Roman guy, Coriolanus.

1 comment:

  1. mucho grassy ass..i loved it

    i still cant post so here is a reply

    I’m the vulgar old fellow named wanus
    Who indeed got kicked in the anus
    Her slight penetration
    Was such a sensation
    I beg you not try to restrain us