Friday, August 19, 2011

56-59. AFC NORTH

The future looks glum for the Ravens
Their coaches are not known as mavens
By the end of the year
They'll have mad fans to fear
And be looking for much safer havens.

No team is afraid of the Bengals
Were it baseball, they'd only hit singles
Their offense is bland
And the defense can hand
Out the gifts like a bunch of Kris Kringles.

In Cleveland they're mad at the Browns
Not Modell's team -- the one that switched towns.
No, the current sad bunch
Is who they'd like to punch
When you watch em', your face fills with frowns.

A really big fan of the Steelers
Wanted tickets, so put out some feelers.
Had no luck; in the lurch
Tried Episcopal church
Where he'd pray every day on the kneelers.


  1. I like the Pittsburgh one best. It scanned best as well.

  2. Thanks, Larry. Actually, I think the Cincy one rolls off the tongue a little better, but Pitt. is "terser" (if that's a word.)

  3. The Bengals one is great!! I have a few cincy fans down here I'd like to share it with!