Saturday, August 20, 2011

60-63. AFC SOUTH

The quarterback leading the Colts
Studies upcoming teams' nuts and bolts
But despite all his planning
That poor Peyton Manning
Has linemen as old as Lou Holtz.

What a shame if you play as a Jaguar
Compared to a horse, what a nag you are.
You're as soft as a pillow
And bend like a willow
Can't tell you how far in the bag you are.

It's August, one team's future brightens
Come October, the playoff hope slightens
'Cause by then they'll be losing
And turning to boozing
What a shame to be Tennessee Titans.

There's a pitiful bunch down in Houston
Whose egos could sure use some boostin'
They won't go out and fight
And don't run their plays right
They're like chickens who've taken to roostin'.

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