Sunday, August 21, 2011

68-71. NFC EAST

All the players are fat on the Cowboys
So obese that they look more like chow-boys
'Fore the season is through
Their fans will all boo
It'll sound like a whole lot of cow noise.

What a joke is a Washington Redskin
Learning plays makes the poor player's head spin
Like Ned in the 1st Reader he
Isn’t a leader
He's dumber than any of Ned's kin

The Eagles have long been in Philly
And the way that they play is just silly
When it's 3rd down and long
Their QB does it wrong
'Stead of passing he runs willy-nilly.

(New York)
Said a long-suff'ring fan of the Giants
"We'll go 16 and 0!" with defiance.
There were few vic'trys seen
They went 2 and 14
His prediction was pie-in-the-skyance.


  1. I'm no kind of sports fan, so i have nothing against (or for) any of the teams. But I like your Giants limerick best!

  2. The Eagles limerick is spot-on.