Saturday, August 20, 2011

64-67. AFC WEST

The people in Denver are bummed
Every year their poor team has succumbed
Once called "Orange Crush"
Now they make the fans blush
And by November 1st they're all numbed.

The Chargers are in San Diego
But the team rarely plays en fuego

They fumble and fail
To deliver the mail
And their coach has the brain of a lego!

(Kansas City)
It's a terrible life for a Chief
After each game they have to debrief
You on how you played awfully
Broke rules most unlawfully
And brought your fans nothing but grief.

The completely inept Oakland Raiders
Are well-known to be 4th-Quarter faders
They're under a hex
Water's up to their necks
Perhaps they should play games in waders.

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