Friday, August 12, 2011

35-36. More on Sutherland

Back on August 6th I posted "Multi-talented Guy", introducing you to Robin Sutherland and some limericks and prose that have passed between us.  Incidentally, he's playing Mozart's Piano Concerto #25 with the Breckenridge (CO) Music Festival Orchestra Saturday night, 8/13/2011.  If you live nearby, you should go!

Time for one mostly-clean and another, pristine.

Herr Sutherland rarely does bore us
He's from Greeley (it's named after Horace)
His talent with words
Makes mine seem like small turds
And he never consults a thesaurus.

While his tastes are quite broad, pianist Robin
Said "One guy can reduce me to sobbin'."
Then Rob also sprach
"I'm most partial to Bach
But I cry when I'm playing Scriabin."

Alexander Scriabin, 1872 - 1915, was a Russian composer and pianist.  Besides learning that fact, my limerick may also have taught you how to pronounce his name!  If it didn't, it's scree-AH-bin.

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