Tuesday, August 9, 2011

29. Taliban

Ever read or see Shakespeare's The Tempest?  One of the characters is an ugly enslaved fellow named Caliban. 
I recently accepted the challenge to write a limerick rhyming "Taliban" and at first, the poor servant was all I could come up with -- without resorting to French!

A French-speaking guy in the Taliban
Was forced into servitude like Caliban
When his ass got insertion
He planned his desertion --
"Je pense que je vais aller en Allemagne.
(I think that I will go to Germany.)

A bit later a 5th line (in English) came to me -- For he was a small and a callow man.

May I have a show of hands on which 5th line to keep?  (In other words, comment.)

1 comment:

  1. Like so many Americans. I'm only fluent in my native language, so the French (that was French, non?) slows me down to go to Google Translate. I vote for the English! ;^)