Friday, August 19, 2011

52-55. AFC EAST

I became inspired after reading the 51 limericks written by my newest "Follower", Quorum of One.  His cover every state and D.C. and are all dirty (yeaaaaa!)  You can read them at

Football (American football for you soccer fans) will be starting up in a couple of weeks.  Your host, The Limericist, has just finished writing 32 new ones covering each of the Nat'l. Football League teams.  Hard as it was to do, I made every one of mine clean (boooooo!)  Perhaps even harder, but wanting to be fair, I managed to write nothing good about any of the teams!

There are two leagues (AFC & NFC), four divisions in each league (N,S,E,W) and four teams in each division.  I'll post one division at a time

(New England)
The Pats used to play up in Boston
Their next move ought to be down to Austin
'Cause New England is known
To be cold to the bone
And the field's often covered with frostin'.

(New York)
What a horrible team is the Jets
They're so lazy they rarely break sweats
They cannot run a play
Without fumbling away
As a team, they're as bad as it gets.

The Dolphins are weak in Miami
They hit 'bout as hard as a mammy
The defense is apalling
The offense, most galling
They're cursed with the old double-whammy.

Those poor frigid fans up in Buffalo
At the games wrap their necks in a muffalo
They've lost four Super Bowls
But their fans (hardy souls)
Just keep paying to see every scuffle. Oh!

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