Monday, August 22, 2011

81-84. NFC WEST

I became inspired after reading the 51 limericks written by my newest "Follower", Quorum of One.  His cover every state and D.C. and are all dirty (yeaaaaa!)  You can read them at

Football (American football for you soccer fans) will be starting up in a couple of weeks.  Your host, The Limericist, has just finished writing 32 new ones covering each of the Nat'l. Football League teams.  Hard as it was to do, I made every one of mine clean (boooooo!)  Perhaps even harder, but wanting to be fair, I managed to write nothing good about any of the teams!

There are two leagues (AFC & NFC), four divisions in each league (N,S,E,W) and four teams in each division.  I'll post one division at a time.

(San Francisco)
Let's consider the soft Forty-Niners
I'm just one of a million maligners
With their girlish approach
They frustrate the coach
'Stead of jocks they all wear panty liners.

The pro team in hot Arizona
Has a stupid, ridiculous owna
After this past year's draft
The writers all laughed
And wrote "Cardinals to make their fans groan-ugh."

(Tampa Bay)
What good can I say of the Bucs?
Their best running back really sucks
When he tries to run hard
He loses a yard
He'd do better by wearing brass knucks.

In Seattle they give players free jocks
Which they wear with their funky old knee socks.
But despite the equipping
Their fortunes keep slipping
Each year they're the Sickening Seahawks.

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