Wednesday, August 10, 2011

OP5-9. Limericks With plays On Words

These limericks by me (as are all my submissions) are clean ones, but, I hope, not boring.

The crafty embezzler's yacht
Was the handsomest thing that he'd bacht.
But the bank got the news
Of his forthcoming cruise,
And the crafty embezzler gacht cacht.

There was a young coed from Fla.
Who would sit in a class till it Ba.
Then she'd close both her eyes
And heave very loud sighs
While the rest of the class just Igna.

A traveller arriving from Me.
Had a terrible time on the Tre.
Two rowdy, young boys
Made such horrible noise
That he thought they would drive him Inse.

Said a militant Wounded Knee Sioux
To his council chief, "What can we dioux?
The government's mighty
As in eighteen ninety,
And its treaties have never been trioux!"

Old Daedalus said with a sigh,
"No matter, it seems, how I trigh
To fit him with wings
And mechanical things,
I just can't make my Icarus fligh."


  1. How to grade these 5 excellent limericks w/o showing some favoritism? I'll try, and may have to be picky to find anything wrong with any of them.

    Yacht - **** (four!)
    Fla. -- **** again
    Me. --- *** (but only 'cause I want my "Duquesne" to seem better)
    Sioux - **½ only because mighty and ninety don't quite rhyme
    Dæedalus - **. Icarus actually DID fly but got too close to the sun and it melted the glue on his wings.

    Keep 'em coming, Larry -- you are great!!

  2. As to Dædalus, I did know that, but, hey, it's a silly rhyme. Anyway, Dædalus and Icarus are mythological. You know, like Moses and Adam. It's not as if the story were true.

  3. By the way, your Duquesne IS better!