Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OP1-3. Two X's and a PG13

As 'other posters' contribute, I will number the entries with a leading 'OP.'  These three are from Larry Gott.

An elderly pro from Biloxi
Was known as a shrewd minded doxy.
The older she got,
The looser her twat,
So she took up the slack with epoxy.

A trapper named Alex LeVeque
Took his girlfriend up north on a treque.
When he tried to get rigid
The air was so frigid
That all that got stiff was his neque.

The movie fans stood in a queue,
Their sex kitten idol to vueue.
Though the weather was brisque,
They still took the risque,
And many wound up with the flueue.


  1. Now THOSE are excellent limericks -- solid as to humor and scansion. I'm tempted to revise my grading scale upward and award more than 3 stars, but for now, all of them get ***, Larry!

  2. Thanks! It's nice to be appreciated.

  3. I remember reading a Nero Wolfe novel, "Death of a Doxy." Your use of that word (a euphemism for 'whore') may be only the 2nd time I've seen it in print.