Sunday, August 21, 2011

72-75. NFC NORTH

A most wretched team is the Vikings
Their footballs just never get spikings
'Cause the offense can't score
And the quarterback's sore,
His passes fly shorter than hikings.

A pitiful bunch are the Bears
Both at home and in other teams' lairs
Should they move off to Sitka?
Re-hire Mike Ditka?
Or simply rely on loud prayers?

The Lions are lodged in Detroit
They've some players as old as Jon Voight
Though they play in a dome
It's an unfriendly home
And besides, they're just not too adroit.

Now let's look at the sad Green Bay Packers
They could use a good kicker like Rackers
Their QB, Aaron Rodgers,
Should play for the Dodgers
And the rest of their guys are all slackers.

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