Monday, August 22, 2011

77-80. NFC SOUTH

There's a team that is found in Atlanta
(Once burned by the army of Grant.)  A
Big sports magazine
Says "No relief seen
For the Falcons, they need 'em a Santa."

What an awful young team are the Panthers!
For years they just haven't had anthers
For the defensive schemes
Used by all other teams.
Perhaps they should try being danthers.

The Rams ought to leave old St. Louis
Say the fans "Why do they sock it to us?
The tix are too high
And their play makes us sigh
By the end of the season they'll screw us!"

(New Orleans)
It's been nearly two years since the Saints
Finally silenced their critics' complaints
By winning it all
The next year they did fall
And their mad fans were put in restraints.

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