Wednesday, November 18, 2015

OP227. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!

One day, my depraved younger brother
Met up with a simian mother
The sex was quite wild
Now they're having a child
And are trying again for another.


  1. I want sequels to this. Do you hear me? This would make for great soap opera material. (am I really saying this? what is happening to me? a split personality? or am I losing my prudent tendencies? - something I took pride in... [the latter, not the former])


  2. Okay, how about this?

    This man and the monkey that he sees
    May give rise to another new species
    The kid, it looks human
    With lots of acumen
    But monkeys around with its feces.

  3. Or:

    My brother had sex with an ape
    But she likes it - it wasn't a rape
    When he's done with that scene
    Then he puts it on screen
    And he watches - he's got it on tape.

  4. So one day he went underwater
    And shot all his sperm in an otter
    That two-timing traitor
    Returned a year later
    To find he had fathered a daughter.