Friday, November 13, 2015

1894. Breaking down BJ's

What's the diff'rence 'tween love and true love
And "just showin off" by your dove?
If she spits, her love's plain
If she swallows, she'll reign,
But to gargle?  Beyond and above!


  1. You and David are like two race horses running side by side; it's hard to see who's going to come in first to win the 'Grossest Limerick' Derby (think it may be a tie). The "Ew" factor is beyond compare. Think I'll take a shower now... AND brush my teeth... AND drink a bottle of Listerine...


  2. He licked out a lady named June
    But was he too late, or too soon?
    Most men would have run
    When her flow had begun
    But this guy just took out a spoon.

    Am I in the lead yet? This one oughta send you right back to the shower, anyway.

  3. Dave, you'll be in the lead until I post #1895 Saturday morning. I'm sure enough of its out-shining yours that I don't want it hidden down here as a comment.

    Suz, after reading mine you may want to bathe, gargle, douche, and take an enema with Holy Water.

    1. I just can't stop laughing. I'm scaring the cat, peeing my pants, and splitting my gut wide open. Lord have mercy! I don't know who needs it most; Phil, for what sin he is about to print; or me, for the heart palpitation or shit failure I'm about to experience.


    2. You'll be like my poor owl in OP225, if you give a hoot.