Saturday, November 14, 2015

OP226. Poopoo platter

It's not sexual, but it is exceedingly gross.

I really could not tell you why
This fellow would choose to comply.
I'd have thought it was best
To ignore this request
But he didn't. 'Twas "Eat shit and die."


  1. You're grossing me out, oh my gosh!
    My mouth has this taste I must quash
    To help me feel clean
    I just called Listerine
    To deliver a case of mouthwash.

    After goin' through that, I'll quit cursin'
    And will feel like a whole brand new person
    But if this doesn't work
    I'll hunt down the salesclerk
    And expect to get some reimbursin'!


  2. You guys wanted gross, I gave you gross.

  3. You're man of your word!