Monday, November 2, 2015

1884. She found nothing suite about it

Nearly nude, and on sun's rays a'feasting
Immodest Sue suffered a bee sting
It first came to rest

On one ample bare breast
But it struck near a hair on her G-string.
JS Bach's Orchestral Suite #3 includes the famed "Air on the G-string."

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  1. Hahaha! But it almost did! My D-string, which is right beside my G-string, broke. Of my guitar, I mean. Haven't been able to play with it for almost a month. By the time I go out and buy a new one, google instructions on how to attach it, then actually make an attempt to attach it, having no guarantees of success, another month may pass me by.

    Speaking of J. S. Bach's beautiful piece of music, I love that one (also my dad's favorite). I almost got 3 other gifted vocalists (from my previous church) to join me in a vocal rendition of that piece, but other circumstances interrupted our plans. Our end result should have and would have sounded like Libera's version. To get an idea of the outcome, google: Bach: Air on a G-string (Libera)