Saturday, November 21, 2015

1900-1901. Weird but revered

At interpreting Bach, one guy ruled
(In Canada he had been schooled)
His Goldbergs*, done twice
Were exceedingly nice
For you who don't know, 'twas Glenn Gould.

He often would hum as he'd play
And off-key!  He was strange in his day
Fugue, prelude, partita
None else played one neata
Whenever I hear, I "hurray!"

* J.S. Bach's famed Goldberg Variations.  Gould recorded (piano) two huge-selling, hugely-different interpretations of this fantastic work.

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  1. Hey there, Mr. Classical Music Aficionado, where are your other classical-musician limericks? Hiding in your blog here somewhere? If not, you really should post them up or at least let people know where the heck they can find them and drink them up. They're a literary work of art and I just can't get enough!

    Folks, this fellow, for all his strange, bizarre (and even admirable would you believe?) hobbies, has combined his passion for music and love of composing limericks, to create a marriage of brain-tickling, heart-stimulating, spine-tingling, mind-blowing proportions in the limerick industry. Genius!