Monday, November 16, 2015

1896. Flux incapacitator

If loose bowels strike, the mighty and meek'll
Both suffer when making their fecal
Deposits in loos
And they'd all rather choose
That their turds didn't trickle like treacle.


  1. Well, that was appetizing. I have to remind myself (this time with post-it notes) to refrain from eating anything while reading some of these colorful, winsome, tantalizing morsels on your lovely blog. As well, I should start wearing maxi-pads (to contain what happens when I pee myself laughing) and have a tissue box on hand (for the tears) and a bowl (for when the graphic stuff creates enough visuals to wreak havoc on my sensitive innards). Yep, expect the unexpected, folks! Be prepared, like me!


  2. Gotta admit that I got some inspiration for this drizzly dreck from Dave's "OP226. Poopoo platter." I may never order a puupuu platter again!

    The Borscht Belt used to have Grossingers. This blog has gross zingers.