Saturday, November 28, 2015

1909. My titles' pungent aromas

I feel that I often do cram
My puns down your throats just like spam
See, I'm filled with ambition
And seek recognition
(My surname is ended with 'ham.')

Being a middle-child probably contributes to my need for attention.


  1. Being proficient in puns, to me, is pundamental to writing good limericks.

  2. I can't understand why more folks
    Don't comment some more or crack jokes
    Their lives are too busy
    Their heads are all dizzy
    As if they've had thrombolic strokes.

    They take on too much stuff to do
    Don't smell flowers, read poems, or find you
    You need more exposure
    Then there'd be some closure
    Remember, it's THEM and not you.

    Keep jamming those puns down my throat
    I'll swallow them all till I bloat
    I can't get enough
    Of your limerick stuff
    Which I quote and take note and promote.
    (for the blues, it's a great antidote)

    You're a ham but at least you admit it
    That's okay, you're due plenty of credit
    You're not at all lazy
    You're just a bit crazy
    And philthy and funny
    And shocking and punny
    So don't ever think you can quit it.

    A middle child? Cry me a puddle
    I think you need one extra cuddle
    You'll get MORE than attention
    We'll give you affection
    A group hug should do it, let's huddle.

    You're a talented poet, my friend
    Just keep writing and don't let it end
    Can't you see? People want it
    So go ahead, flaunt it!
    More time on your blog we will spend.


  3. Replies
    1. Well, I don't do ménage aux trois, so it'll have to be my place. Hope you're not too disappointed.


  4. BTW, did you use the other pronunciation of 'bow' when reading the title to #1903?

    1. I couldn't decide which of the two pronunciations I should use, so I applied both; they're both relevant.


    2. It was a double entendre, but for humor, say 'boe.' No doubt it would save wear and tear on the family jewels!