Friday, November 6, 2015

1889. Which hurt worse?

When kids of the past skinned their knees
They would cry, "Mommy, make it well, please."
If she reached for merthiolate
The sore grew inviolate
"It's fine, Mom, those tears were a tease."

Tincture of Merthiolate and/or Mercurochrome were always on hand in our medicine cabinet.  I can't adequately explain how it stung when poured on a cut!  This woman does a good job at her blog:

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  1. After reading that blog (which was great reading, by the way), 4 words sum it up nicely - cruel and unusual punishment! Who in their right mind would pour that flesh-eating acid on an innocent child? Have the parents ever applied that poison on themselves before? I say give 'em whiskey instead - 5 shots through the pie hole, one on the wound, 5 more shots through the pie hole, one more on the wound. There! No infection, no pain, and a nice buzz to top it off and put a smile on your face!