Saturday, November 14, 2015

1895. How to make a woman scream twice

Start by saying, "I hope you like rapes,"
Then reel out your cock 'til she gapes
Now become really crass --
Fuck her hard in the ass
When you're done, wipe your dick on her drapes.


  1. I knew it! I knew you'd be juggling with your ethics to grab first prize! (psycho!) Anyhow, my comment to yesterday's lovely poem suggested (and predicted) I'd be needing a cardiologist or proctologist; looks like I'll be needing both.

    This is worse than a porn magazine
    With the filthiest pics ever seen
    Your really crass verse
    Is fifty times worse
    Than a raging-hormone-ridden teen.

    I feel like a nun in a whorehouse
    My soul is approaching the poorhouse
    Old St. Peter will say
    I shall starve ev'ry day
    I'll be lucky to eat like a dormouse.

    The devil has just bought your soul
    And he chewed out a bottomless hole
    Which leads to a cell
    In a prison called Hell
    Where you'll never be out on parole.

    I think you should go see a shrink
    You've been playing too much with your dink
    Just don't let your neighbors
    See fruits of your labors
    They're bound to throw you in the clink!

    Never thought I'd go back to a church
    Upon one of the pews shall I perch
    To avoid a disaster
    I'll check with the pastor
    For pure Holy Water I search!


  2. What ethics?

    Listen, Suz, if you don't learn how to actually post your wonderful stuff, I may ban you from my blog! It's not fair to the casual reader to miss out on your verses!

    1. Whatsa matter? Don't these readers ever read the comments?! Let 'em bloody well find me in the comments. Talk about doing things in half measures! Sheesh!