Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1885. Just say, "You're fired!"

November's 1st Tuesday is here
Know what that will mean in one year?
On that day we will vote us
A new four-year POTUS*
If Donald Trump wins, better fear.

* President of the United States


  1. Glad to know you occasionally drop in, Z, AND that you liked this one. Who knew that 'buffoon' could be spelled with only 5 letters?

  2. If he wins, just don't fret, you'll be fine
    All the stars will continue to shine
    He'll take out the garbage
    And stop all the carnage
    And seal up the south borderline.

    So what if he's tactless and blunt
    It's actions, not words, we should hunt
    Correctness political
    Is so hypocritical
    Just let the ole' boy be upfront.