Thursday, November 26, 2015

1907. Not so thankful with my tank full

The weather report calls for "murky"
So I'll stay inside eating turkey
Appetite like a gator's
Means dressing and 'taters
Will stuff me 'til I don't feel perky.

Happy Thanksgiving, USA!  Canadian followers celebrate it the 2nd Monday of October.

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  1. Overate, Overdrank, Yet There's Much More To Thank

    There's much to be so thankful for
    A hundred things, nah, maybe more
    Then let's start with one, dear
    I'm thankful for fun here
    With humor and lim'ricks galore.

    And I'm thankful for poets so crude
    It gives me a chance to act prude
    I'm so glad it's all words
    And no pictures or turds
    Or some indecent folk in the nude.

    If The Limericist provokes laughter
    You know he's a poetry crafter
    And if you keep reading
    It's something you're needing
    You'll live happily ever after.