Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PD283. Why Eva Braun was always down

It's said Hitler had only one ball
And though Goering had two, they were small
And I've heard Heinrich Himmler

Had something quite similar
While Goebbels had no balls at all.


  1. Worth the long wait, David! Your excellence has been missed.

    Which brings us to old Albert Speer
    The Reich architect, and quite queer
    As you may have guessed he's
    Endowed with three testes
    Which hang low when he's up your rear.

  2. The Nazis with balls full of foam
    When up a man's ass, were at home
    And the men of SA
    Were aggressively gay
    As they often would say, "When in Roehm..."

  3. Love your L5 but did you mean "Ernst Röhm?" Alt. spelling maybe...

    And then there's the Waffen SS
    Supposed to be best of the bes'
    No faggots, none purer,
    Which displeased der Führer
    Who privately liked to cross-dress.