Thursday, December 8, 2016

2321. Habitual ritual

My internet's gone on the fritz
Can't email --- it's really the shits!
Happened yesterday morn
Spent the day without porn,
No pussies, no fucking, no tits.


  1. Aw, no internet left in the house?
    You must feel like an unlucky louse
    Well, your 'needs' should soon find you
    Just look right behind you
    And know there's support from your spouse!

  2. In response, I will be rather blunt
    I can't screw her unless she's in front!
    My dick's just 6 inches,
    To bend it down pinches
    Besides, still would not reach her cunt.

  3. This sure ain't a tale of sweet glory
    And I hope it is not a true story
    But if it's not a joke
    Didn't mean to provoke
    All these details you spoke; I'm so sorry!