Friday, December 16, 2016

2329. Borrowed AND blue

Another joke-turned-limerick:
It's been far too long since I grooved
Which a friend's comment recently proved;
He said with great pride,
"I get some on the side!"
I replied, "What?!  You mean it's been moved?"

I told Suzanne the joke, then plagiarized from her limmie -- which she wouldn't post!


  1. Haha! We both know why I didn't post.

    Well folks, Phil told me the joke a little while ago, then said it was limerick material, which (he also said) he liked doing (turning jokes into limericks). So, without thinking, I took his brainstorm idea and made a limerick out of it myself, and sent it to him, then realized too late that this was supposed to be his project, which I thoughtlessly stole from him. But he graciously complimented it and told me to post it anyway. Pangs of conscience hit me and I decided not to. But I'm glad he brought his take on it.

    Your version is actually much better, and I believe you would have written it this way even if you hadn't seen mine. Great job!

  2. She is far too self-deprecating. Here's her version:

    It's been SO bloody long since I grooved it
    And my buddy's remark has just proved it
    He told me with pride,
    "I get some on the side"
    So I said, "Didn't know they had moved it."

  3. Oh shush! Thanks anyway. Mine is totally lacking in expression emotion. and pizzazz. But I just found this experience educational.

    And I'm saying it exactly how it happened. The 'self-deprecating' part is purely coincidental and unintentional.

  4. Suzanne, you don't give yourself enough credit.