Saturday, December 10, 2016

2324. Dim bulb Nimrod

I don't believe hunting's my callin'
Next time it's suggested, I'm stallin'
Joined a friend on a dare
We encountered a bear
Had the safety on --- got quite a maulin'.

Guess I shoulda gone deep sea fishing...


  1. Yes, but if you deep-sea fished instead
    You might either be maimed or just dead
    A shark could have filleted
    You and therefore have made
    You just wish you had stayed home in bed!

    1. It appears you did not get my pun
      About marlin. To catch one is fun
      But it takes a big reel
      AND big rod, so I feel
      With but six inches, I'll use a gun.

    2. Okay, okay, I'm not that bright these days; I've work so much overtime lately that my bulb is getting dimmer. (sure hope this excuse works... I'm so tired...)

  2. I know it seems odd, my posting all these replies to your other daily limericks only now, but I have been dreadfully busy with my work, with little or no time (or energy) for internet fun. It's almost time to go back to work again!