Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2340. Service with some bile

Just got home after flying on Delta
For my drink order, I kinda felta
Brewed cup of decaf
Would go well; no carafe

So the stew's offer made me think, "Belta!"

Unbelievable!  I was given a tiny tube-shaped packet, a napkin, a swizzle-stick, and was told, "I'll have to go up front for hot water."  "What's this?" I asked, indicating the pack.  "That's your decaf."  "Huh?!"  "When your hot water arrives, you put the contents in the water and stir."  "INSTANT??!"  (I almost yelled it.)  "Well, the regular coffee is brewed..."

Add in the fact that WiFi costs $4.95 per half-hour and my seat wouldn't recline and I was not pleased.  No doubt all carriers are as bad... I just haven't flown much lately.

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  1. Well if THAT doesn't sound familiar! Air Canada is known for the very same shitty service. But its rival, WestJet, is known for doing the opposite, and for being a people pleaser and usually living up to it. I talk from experience AND hearsay from others, as well as from news reports where the comments mercilessly and humorously lambaste Air Canada.