Sunday, July 31, 2016

PD240-247. The long and the short of it

There was a young man of Coblenz
Whose equipment was simply immense
It took forty-four draymen,
A priest and three laymen
To carry it thither and thence.

A petulant man once said, "Pish,
Your cunt is as big as a dish."
She replied, "Why, you fool,
With your limp little tool,
It's like driving a nail with a fish."

A romantic attraction has clung
To a chap of whom damsels have sung:
"'He's the Scourge from the East,
 That lascivious beast
And is known as Attila the Hung!"

There was a young man from Berlin
Whose tool was the size of a pin
Said his girl with a laugh
As she fondled his shaft,
"Well, this won't be much of a sin."

There was a young fellow named Prynne
Whose prick was so short and so thin,
His wife found she needed
A Fuckoscope---she did---
To see if he'd gotten it in.

There was a young Turkish cadet --
And this is the damnedest one yet --
His dick was so long
And incredibly strong
He could bugger six Greeks en brochette.

An unfortunate fellow named Hall
Confessed, "I have only one ball
But the size of my prick
Is God's dirtiest trick
For the girls always ask, 'Is that all?'"

There was a young fellow named Kimble
Whose dick was exceedingly nimble
But so fragile and slender
And dainty and tender
He kept it encased in a thimble.

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