Friday, July 1, 2016

OP293-297. Who's Canadian, eh?

As a guest blogger, that's just my luck
Because I'm just a little Canuck
And oh, by the way
Happy Canada Day
To all north of the border, yukyuk!

That's our version of Fourth of July
Independence made everyone high
As the fireworks go off
You just know you can't scoff
At the feeling that money can't buy.

My faith in Canuck foods - unshaken
Poutine, maple syrup and bacon
The best for my tummy -
Nanaimo bar (yummy!)
Our salmon's great too, no mistakin'!

We may not be much of a wealth heir
Or invent high-tech 'lectronic stealthware
But we smile and we labor
We're just your north neighbor
We're unarmed Amer'cans with health care.

Forgive me for bein' patriotic
I'm just silly, straightforward, psychotic
In three days it's your turn
When it comes, you will learn
That I'm not really all that neurotic!


  1. You and Dave are doing incredible work in my absence. Not sure why you don't post more even when I'm not on sabbatical!

    Of Canada's greatness you sang
    Now fireworks are making a bang
    Stanza 3 got me horny
    With thoughts of Sigourney
    (I mistook 'poutine' for poontang.)

    In 2005, my wife and I flew to Chicago, were picked up from the airport by my cousin and her husband, and we circumnavigated Lake Michigan for the next 8 days. We were in Sault Ste. Marie on the evening of July 1 and asked someone, "Why all the fireworks on the Canada side?" That's when we learned of Canada Day!

    1. Just perfect! Then you made it on time and didn't miss the fireworks performance.

      Haha, so that's the first you heard of Canada Day? It's okay, you're forgiven. Not too many non-Canadians know of our history, lifestyle, disposition, inventions, customs, existence, etc. We're lacking in the 3 'pops':

      Nice limerick! Bad boy! You're nuts, but you're funny (your saving grace). Btw, poutine is great. I make it at home from scratch all the time. It's a meal in itself. The secret to making the best-tasting fries: after you peel and cut the potatoes, fry them in peanut oil. They'll be the best fries you've ever had. It's healthier too. Explanation is on

      In response to your first two lines, I guess we just want to play it safe and not clog up/plug up/use up too much space and air time. You once said, "less is more", so I don't want to crowd it. I gauge the allowability by watching David's entries; he averages about 3 a month, so I know that's a safe number.

      I was actually worried I was making my entries too long. Every time I sit down to write a limerick, I ALWAYS do it with the intention to write one verse, but after writing it, if the story's not complete, it looks unfinished and ridiculous (can't make a long story short) I was going to apologize, and then ask if I should make an extra effort to condense/shorten my limericks.