Friday, July 8, 2016

OP316-320. When magic turns tragic

Another old joke.

A cowboy one day set up camp
And nearby was a dirty old lamp
When he rubbed it, a djinn
Was released from within
So he figured his looks he'd revamp

With his first wish he sought to replace
His old mug with a handsome new face

With this marvelous mask
He just needed to ask

And the women would wildly embrace

For his second, he wished to be strong
And the cowboy was ripped before long

For the genie did hustle
To give him some muscle
That done, he moved on to his dong

To the genie, with powers enchanted
The cowboy dismounted and ranted
"It's my third wish, of course
To be hung like this horse!"
Said the genie, "Your wishes are granted."

When you wish from a genie, take care
You may get what you wish for, beware!
He was shocked what the genie
Had done to his weenie
You see, he'd been riding the mare.


  1. Wowie zowie! Fine rhymes and scansion throughout, plus funny as hell, David!!

    I've heard many genie jokes where the 3rd wish goes awry, but never that one, so reading it gave me extra pleasure.

    You and Suzanne are really adept at multi-stanza limericks. I generally shoot for a 'less is more' philosophy, but perhaps I'm just jealous of your story-telling abilities (or too lazy to work as hard as you two.)

  2. Hahaha, that's pretty funny because I'm actually jealous of your (you, Phil) ability to contain a whole story in a nutshell, namely, one limerick. I always cough up extra verses with extra details because I'm afraid my 'story' will be vague, enigmatic or boring if I don't.

    But hey, I'm glad you think I'm so hard-working at it, haha (it's actually easier to do as many verses as is necessary to complete the story, whether it ends up being one or six)

    I'm also jealous of your (you, David) ability to build up such an entertaining story, then ending it with a bang, a grand finale, an incredibly clever punchline that puts a smile on the reader's face. Phil has proven just as capable. As for me, I'm working on it (still looking for a manual).

  3. Well, the joke isn't mine, of course. But sometimes you need more than one verse to complete the whole story.

    I'd say Suzanne is more adept at the multi-stanza limericks than I am. At least, she seems to think of rhymes more easily.

    As is usually the case, I thought of a punchline first, and built off that, but since I had a whole joke's structure to work with, it had to be a few stanzas.