Wednesday, July 27, 2016

OP327-337. Happy Anniversary to the Show it Blow it Know it Poet

The following is a response to Phil's limericks below titled "Five years down, ?? to go"
So read that one first, will ya?

Congratulations are in order
Yes, from 'Technotard,' north of the border
You limerick fox
If lims came in a box
My whole place would look like I'm a hoarder.

It was nine months since our paths had crossed
On a site where the 'spill' word was tossed
Back and forth, in October
(I'm sure I was sober)
A bond of goodwill was not lost.

A click of the mouse on your name
Led me to a strange site which became
A curious place
Where I'd blush in the face
And my brain cells were all set aflame.

Some verses were shocking, worth scorning
At least, the red ink gave me warning
But your pun 'expertease'
Was a thing sure to please
What a way to begin every morning!

And then there's your sidekick named Dave
A prairie Canuck who's quite brave
His talent just soars
And blends so well with yours
I just read, as I rant and I rave.

Some readers - rejective, selective
Don't see from another perspective
For if they'd be aware it
Has artistic merit
They'd not be so blindly corrective.

Nothing worse than bein' stuck with a prude
To dampen and ruin the mood
But you're crazy, lighthearted
I know if I farted
You'd laugh and blame that on my food.

Was I worthy to join, more or less?
Wasn't sure if I failed to impress
When you didn't yet budge
Then a nice gentle nudge
From Dave swayed final judgment to 'Yes'!

My vocab'lary increase just forces
My IQ to grow (I've my sources)
And lo and behold
I got smarter, I'm told
They don't know I've 'enrolled' in your 'courses'!

When I thought that your content disgraced you
It gave me such joy to lambaste you
Shut you down? Never would!
As I soon understood
That no other nut could have replaced you.

If you keep up momentum and drive
Then your blog will just thrive, stay alive
So clever, so funny
Prolifically punny
Testost'rone - let spill
On your lim'rick zone, Phil
Happy milestone of year number five!


  1. Thanks, Suzanne! I appreciate your contributions and your regular visits to this site.

    By the way, I love "expertease!"

  2. Thanks. I wrote that because your expertise can be a bit of a wittily teasing phenomena!