Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2174-2181. Five years down, ?? to go

I started my blog on this date
Didn't have all that much on my plate
Most lims found at Reddit

Did not deserve credit
I hoped my new site would be great.

Began posting these lines in '11
Tried to int'rest my oldest child, Kevin,
In reading and vetting;
He thought I was getting
Too filthy as I tried to leaven

The spirits of folks who might read
Those printed in red, which could lead
To familial shame.
Have I brought the Graham name
To the depths?  Was I wrong not to heed?

Could be, but 2,000+ later
I'd like to think I've made 'Graham' greater
By bringing some joy
To each girl and each boy
Who laughs when I write like a satyr.

But, hey!  I post clean ones as well
They're in black print; that way you can tell
Those which will not offend ---
Ones you might even send
To your preacher and not go to hell.

Five long years, but I'd do it again
Hope my lines, red and black, made you grin
The puns that I've pasted
May seem like "time wasted"
(At least written with, not from pen!)

As today I commence some more years
And try to deserve readers' cheers
Don't feel nickeled and dimed,
Surely I've not yet rhymed
Every word that I've heard with my ears

I cannot sing like Mario Lanza
I'm no X-dresser -- won't wear organza
But I hope you will say,
"That Phil has a way
With writing a limerick stanza."

1 comment:

  1. It's been a fun ride for the four years I've rode shotgun, as well.

    Congratulations on your site's milestone. Keep 'em coming!