Tuesday, July 5, 2016

OP310-315. Return of the man's man

Bet you're waiting to read something dirty
Well, the best I can do is go flirty -
There once was a fella
Who kissed Cinderella
And helped her remove her nightshirty.

Fairy Godmother'd said, "I'm not mean
But by midnight come back to this scene
If you're late, then I fear
That your diaphragm, dear
Will once more be an old trampoline."

And so that is the best I can do
If I've dashed all your hopes, then boohoo!
Being filthy's not easy
I'd just look too sleazy
But David (again) might come through...

Hey Steve, won't you give it a whirl?
Go ahead, you're a man, not a girl
I'm sure you'll be met
With applause then, I bet
Give your talent a chance to unfurl!

Sure that when Phil returns from his trip
He'll just let the testosterone rip
Big bare boobies will bounce
Perky peckers will pounce
He'll let more than an ounce of goo drip!

Ev'rything will be right back to normal
Uncensored, disgusting, informal
You'll be laughing, then crying
With body parts flying
First teasing, then seizing
Then squeezing, then easing
Then pleasingly sleazy/abnormal!

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