Sunday, July 3, 2016

OP301-303. The perks of aging

I can't wait to retire for Pete's sakes!
I'm so tired and my body just aches
This nonstop hamster wheel
Is a-making me feel
Like an automobile with no brakes.

My 'best before' date has expired
But it's ten more years till I'm retired
I don't get a raise
And for what the job pays
I just might as well get myself fired!

Oh wait, I can't! I'm self-employed!
Now my chance to get pogey's destroyed
So it's back to the grind
Can't let bills fall behind
Being homeless, I find, I'll avoid.


  1. Cute triple, Suz. I like how "a-making" yields solid meter without need of a one-beat rest.

    I also applaud your once again getting a triple-rhyme on L3&4 by putting 'automobile' in the middle of L5.

    It appears that you work at our craft a helluva lot harder than I do. You are really getting good! Have you won a blue-ribbon from Mad Kane yet?

  2. Thanks; thanks; and thank you. Haha, you liked the 'a-making', eh? I can thank YOU for that because I was going to write in 'just making' instead, but then I realized that if I did that, I'd have 2 'justs' in the same verse, and you taught me a while back that repeated words within the same verse is usually a no-no. See, Professor? I learned a lot from you!

    No, I haven't won a blue ribbon yet, but I did get 3 HMs in 3 consecutive contests. It's not easy picking winners these days because there are some very good ones that don't even get chosen because there would just be too many winners. So I do it for fun, and the odd time I get to banter back and forth with one of the other poets. That's the best part. I think another reason I don't win is I'm not that great at doing clever puns; no true ability to weave a story in a subtle (quick! pat my back!) sneaky way until the perfect double-meaning punchline is revealed at the end. My handicap is, being too f%!@?$#! straightforward. The being silly part either saves me or destroys me. It can go either way.