Thursday, July 28, 2016

OP338. Just following orders

Based off of another joke I heard.  Songs are linked.

They played "Jump", and I jumped.  What a scene!
Then "The Twist", and I twisted.  It's been
Quite an evening, no doubt
But I then was thrown out
When the DJ played "Come on Eileen."


  1. Great one, Dave! I have to admit that the only song/dance I recognize is "The Twist."

    However, the sign of a fine limerick is when the punch line comes thru even to people without *a priori* knowledge! Too often, mine require web links or footnotes.

  2. This is hilarious! You don't even have to explain the lascivious act for us to understand how the scenario unfolded. Picturing the visuals, I'm just laughing so hard at seeing Eileen's flustering indignation in response to your 'dance move', and also how they'd kick you off the dance floor and out the door! What a priceless comedy!

    Oh, and 'lascivious'; you recall that word, I'm sure. It was just the word I needed here. Taken from 'My Vocabulary List Learned From Limericist', this word was extracted from Phil's limerick in the 'spill' episode of last October's limerick-off.

  3. Well, this one is a contender in this week's contest (the word is "lean"). I know Phil's probably wondering why I still enter it, but it is true that I'm not as emotionally invested in it as I once was.

    Contest or not, I think it's good. I don't love my title, but I couldn't think of anything better.

    I managed to keep this joke to one stanza, at least.

  4. I would definitely call it "a contender" and not just an entry, David.

    By the way, Suzanne decided to add an 11th stanza to the one she posted yesterday. Afterward, she was able to change her OP number but not yours. (Only I can jack with ANYTHING, Phil evilly smirked.) Ergo, I've now changed yours to OP338.

  5. Replies
    1. As is your title. Meant to say that above.

  6. The title, more often than not, is the hardest part.