Monday, July 4, 2016

OP304-308. Happy Fourth of July, America the Beautiful!

Happy birthday there, U.S. of A!
Put your red, white and blue on display
Have a grand celebration
Of your lovely nation
You rouse admiration today!

Your fireworks, parades, none can match it
Your enthus'asm bug, gotta catch it!
You're a fabulous host
So let's all raise a toast
Where we're itching the most, you sure scratch it!

Go ahead, toot your horn, you can boast
Of achievements you've made coast to coast
Your movies, the arts
Touch the coldest of hearts
Your tourist attractions
Are splendid distractions
Technology, science
Some lit'rary giants
Poets so jocular
(One in particular)
For a past you may yearn
There's rich hist'ry to learn
And your music so sweet
Makes my heart skip a beat
Apple pie is your treat I like most.

Your politics, so entertaining
Our int'rest in that's never waning
And there is this rumor
You invented humor
You ought to be proud
Go ahead, you're allowed
So don't worry, the crowd's not complaining.

But there's something you're REALLY known for
To the world's oppressed, y'opened the door
Justice, liberty, peace
And compassion don't cease
Let the love just increase all the more!

Happy 240th birthday, Neighbor!


  1. Just home from our vacation. I'm dead tired after driving 650 miles today, but your encomium deserves a (weak) response while it's still Independence Day:

    Suz didn't waste any time dawdlin'
    In saluting "the states" with her coddlin'
    She's this site's "Lim'rick Lass"
    And I'll kick in the ass
    Any person who'd call her lines maudlin'.

  2. Aww, gee, thanks! So thoughtful of you to write a limmie despite being worn out. All that driving taxes your body physically and mentally. 650 miles - that 1046 kilometers... Wow, brutal! I suggest you take a good 24-hour nap to recharge your batteries and leave the rest to me, heeheehee! (gleefully rubbing hands together)

    I was playing Gordon Lightfoot's music this morning, and when the Railroad Trilogy came on, a lightbulb turned on, >click!< and I got inspired to write a little something for my neighbor's 240th birthday.

    It's a good thing you're back, Phil - my vocabulary growth has been suffering terribly, diminishing rapidly, almost coming to a standstill!
    New word for today - encomium (thanks, eh?)

    1. When I said I played the music this morning, I meant the morning of July 4; it was still July 4 (10:13 PM Pacific Time) where I live, when I wrote the comment.

    2. I also used "encomium" in #1113 back in August, 2013, Suz. It wasn't an easy rhyme but, since you're a music lover, I think you'll like it.