Saturday, March 9, 2013

968. Five-finger exercise

There used to be (maybe still?) a product called "5 Day Deodorant Pads."  Here's one about a 5-Day Whip Sock...

An unusual bastard named Babbitt
Had a kinky and quite nasty habit.

He liked to make love
To a tight-fitting glove
Which was lined with the fur of a rabbit.


  1. I read that one aloud in my animal pen and found it to be hare-raising (hutch cha cha!).

    If your silly Babbitt wants new Trix he should develop a food fetish; he can then expand his Kraft by pouring warm processed cheese into his glove to experience a Velveeta-ine Rabbit. By doing so he could also try Margery...

    I hope my attempt at leveret-y did not lepus feeling lagged or morphed.

  2. Be honest, Okie. You had to google to find that a young rabbit is a leveret, didn't you? I did.

    My cleverly Tol'story proves that Mr. Babbitt is trying to get a warren piece. It Sinclair terms, I think...