Friday, March 22, 2013

OP88. Inverse, perverse, and in verse

Well, I've decided to cover every province and territory in Canada on here.  Hello, Manitoba.

There once was a man from Winnipeg
Who got caught with his dick in a mini-keg
He felt so perverted
His penis inverted
His outie peg now is an innie peg.


  1. I'm not the bestiality police, so no banishment for that. However, your 'peg' endings REALLY don't rhyme with 'pig' in line 2.

    Suggestion, and not because of the animal: Have him get "caught having sex with a mini-keg." The limmie will still be hilarious!!

  2. I've thought it over, and for your site I'll change it. But I still reserve the right to tell other people the guinea pig version.

    Also, I'm changing the title.

  3. Good title and I like your line 2 change even better than my suggestion! Sorry I'm such a stickler for rhythm and rhyming but it IS YOUR limerick and, as such, you may write 'em any way you see fit.

    Forgive my perfectionist tendencies and keep posting your always-funny 5-liners! If I see room for improvement, please take my comments as suggestions only. You have a real talent for great story lines!