Friday, March 1, 2013

961. How to lower your score

In golf, you are expected to hole every putt.  An exception is if you've left your previous shot so close to the hole that your opponent concedes the putt.  This is called a "gimme."  Too often, the player makes the concession to himself -- sometimes very liberally, i.e., the ball lays 3' or more from the cup.

One way of determining whether it is virtually unmissable is to place the putter head in the cup and extend the shaft out toward the ball.  If the ball is nearer to the cup than the bottom of the putter grip, it is said to be "in the leather" and can be picked up (in a friendly game) with one more stroke added to your score.

There once was a golfer named Jimmy
Who thought every putt was a gimme.
He didn’t care whether
‘Twas inside the leather,
Just wanted to be in this limmie.

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