Monday, April 22, 2013

OP107. Misfits

A young epileptic from Turkey
Whose prospects for dating were murky
One day was in luck
But when they tried to fuck
Hanky-panky was all herky-jerky.


  1. I'm reminded of my #791 from 8-29-2012, Dave.

    I REALLY like how you used 'hanky-panky' and 'herky-jerky' in the same line. My efforts often proceed in a more willy-nilly manner. :-)

  2. Willy-nilly...that's a great limerick word. I know one, but it's not mine:

    If you catch a chinchilla in Chile
    And cut off its beard willy-nilly
    Then you can rightly say
    That you have just made
    A Chilean chinchilla's chin chilly.

  3. As for hanky-panky and herky-jerky, that line just came to me. I based the limerick off of it. That's how most of mine come about; I think of one line or even phrase and build around it.

    And I can identify, because I have epilepsy myself. Can't say I've had a seizure in the sack, though.

  4. Many believe Julius Caesar had epilepsy, and, hell, they named a month after him. Here is a Spoonerism I have heard that is one of my favorites:

    Q: What is the difference between a cornhusker with epilepsy and a prostitute with diarrhea? A: The cornhusker shucks between fits...