Monday, April 22, 2013

OP106. And that goes double for Acknowledgments

Meritorious books feature Forewords.
Authors list raisons d’être and core words.
    But when all’s said and done
    Readers jump to Page One
And omit those superfluous bore words.

On the other hand, lower case italicized Roman numerals are pretty to look at…


  1. The purpose behind this limerick’s composition may someday be revealed by The Limericist.

    I have it on authority from a native Francophone that "d’être" is pronounced as two syllables rather than just one.

  2. Very nice. You don't post a lot of them, but when you do they're high quality.

  3. OK. Guess it's time I 'splained what prompted Okiejokey to post that one. (He's my younger brother, by the way.)

    I'm in the early stages of putting some of my better Philthy ones into book form -- perhaps to be self-published -- but I may see if some company might do it for something better than a 90-10 split (and you know who'd get the 90%.)

    Anyway, I sent him the Foreword I'd written to "Limericks, Crude and Lewd" and he had the gall (and talent) to respond with his comment. Fuckin' show off! :-)