Thursday, April 4, 2013

OP100. Congrats!

I figured I'd celebrate The Limericist's 1000th limerick, and the 100 from the rest of us, by making this milestone limmie to honor the people who have made this site what it is.

Though we're not so good at karaoke
With limericks we're okie-dokey
So, a toast to the hosts
Who can boast the most posts
Me, The Limericist, OkieJokey!

There have been others, and to them, thank you as well.  I only put myself first in the limerick to make the anapest work.


  1. Congrats Buddy!!!! I got caught up a litte...Mother goose made me laugh out loud

  2. I think my friend Hames meant to add his comment to my 5-stanza one, 996-1000.

    But MY comment here IS meant for David Reddekopp. Dave, you post so many awesome ones that I wasn't the least bit offended when you rhythmically, if not grammatically, listed yourself first in the pantheon of posters!

  3. Mr. Reddekopp, thank you for your kind inclusion of me in your OP100. But I now must pay homage to our gracious Blogger Extraordinaire:

    Mr. Limericist, may I strive to be at least one-twohundredth as prolific as you -- wait, that's what the ratio is...