Thursday, April 4, 2013

996-1000. What a GRAND time I've had!

I've come to my limerick mille,
One concerning a lovely jeune fille.
Though uncharacteristic
No filth, not sadistic
However, she'll be deshabille.

One night when she stepped from the shower
Heard her doorbell ring, this made her sour.
She threw on a teddy
And thought she was ready
To see who had come at that hour.

She opened the door and -- surprise!
Her pastor stood there with huge eyes.
For her teddy was tiny,
Not cov'ring her hiney,
And neither did it reach her thighs.

He really did try to avert
His look, but her lack of a skirt
Made him zero right in
And start lusting (a sin)
With his manhood no longer inert.

While still looking somewhat askance
He managed to raise up his glance.
He said, "We've a date.
Am I early or late?

And are you wearing that to the dance?"


  1. Here's to a thousand more!

    Well done.

  2. It did! I'm now entering my second millennium.

  3. July 27, 2011, to April 4, 2013, calculates to 1000 limericks in 618 days. Pretty incredible, when one considers that they all are original works. Also, most of them bear equally witty titles. Perhaps even more meritoriously, you hardly ever write a dud, Dude! As a final twist, I beg, "Please, sir, I want some more."

    1. I'd been thinking my rep. it had tumbled,
      Too few readers and so I oft grumbled.
      But now you've come along,
      In my heart put a song!
      Thanks, bro! There, I've mumbled, "I'm humbled."

    2. This site is a great place to house an
      Array of limericks which arouse and
      Engage with the mind.
      You're one of a kind!
      I look forward to another thousand.

      Maybe I should have chosen this for OP100, but I just made it up now...