Saturday, October 1, 2011

211-213. 15-line 'Thank you'

A follower of this site has his own web-presence.  He was kind enough to recently advertise The Limericist by writing some very kind words and providing a link.  And this is the thanks he gets?

A fellow in France, David Jaggard,
Has labeled himself as a laggard.
But I don't find him lazy
His pace is just crazy
For writing can leave one quite haggard.

His site is "A Quorum of One."**
When not writing, he's off having fun
Either whipping his dick
Or dipping his wick
All his creative juices do run!

His website now offers a link
To this site and I certainly think
That because of his leadership
'Twill increase my readership
Here's hoping my "limmies" don't stink.

**A Quorum of One is found at

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