Thursday, October 6, 2011

236-239. Four frankly filthy ones

The limericist will be away from his computer until October 9.  He feels obligated to leave his readers with plenty of material until he gets back online.  These four and the following three will have to suffice until Sunday evening...

A big horny rascal named Frank,
Quite often his wiener would yank.
When not self-abusing

You'd find him amusing
A girl with his frank in her tank.

A young 69er named Tory
Is the subject of this 5-line story.
For her cherry you bob
While she nibbles your knob,
She's a virgin but soon she'll be whory.

An ancient hotel clerk named Roger,
Tried to screw every feminine lodger.
Though in age, eighty-three,
Took Viagra, you see,
And he sometime would score, that old codger!

An unusual woman named Liz,
Liked to undress and have her man whiz
On her face and her boobs
And her ass and her pubes,
Then she'd suck him and swallow his jizz.

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