Thursday, October 20, 2011

279-283. Three nice, two naughty

Once again, The Limericist must hit the road until Sunday.
A mother in Georgia named Myrna
One December was trying to discern a
Downtown map of Atlanta
To take kids to Santa.
(There wasn't one back home in Smyrna.)

A woman whose name was Patrice
Was quite fond of the flavor anise.
She ate so much liquorice
It made her quite sickuorice
Which caused her strange habit to cease.

A weak-stomached whaler named Luke,
In his job had to look for the fluke
Of a blue or grey whale
With the boat under sail.
From the crow's nest he often would puke.

A man, 68, but quite limber
Whose romances were "May to December",
Couldn't ever get laid
By a half-his-age maid..
Mainly due to his flaccid old member.

There once was a rascal named Guy
Who loved eating pussy, oh my!
Friends would ask him to dine
He'd say "Thanks, but I'm fine.
Later on I'll go eat at the Y."

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