Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2217. B-B-Bilabials

A beastly old bishop named Blair
Was buggering boys while stripped bare
As he bent o'er their britches
He briskly said, "Bitches,
Your butts will soon bleed; I'm a bear!"

Dave Reddekopp started this (q.v. in OP342 below) using 's.'


  1. Although "bare" and "bear" sound exactly the same (not that you really had other options), this is a hell of a limerick.

  2. Beaming broadly, buddy! Yeah, I know I used a homophone, but since the bishop was a homo...

    It wasn't nearly as hard to construct that one as I had supposed it would be. In fact, I just did one on the letter 'C' that only took about 20 minutes. Time to go post it before you or Suz beats me to that letter!