Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2193. Thing's are going swimmingly

I love when they race in the pool
The camera work is so cool
As the swimmers 'crawl' by
Or use back, breast, or fly
It can make for a wonderful duel.


  1. Why do you like pool sports, there, lad?
    Because swimmers are scantily clad?
    Sorry, none have been blessed
    With a buxomy chest
    And their bums are, at best, just a pad.

    I'm a mean one today, you must think
    Maybe I should just pour me a drink
    It could be all along
    That my judgment was wrong
    If so, don't tell my mom or my shrink.

  2. I don't like the sport so much, Suz,
    But you're right, it's for sex that I choose
    To watch the girls swim
    On the off-chance a quim
    Might yield a reveal (don't care whose.)

    Those suits fit so tight, they're like hose
    But, somehow, they've yet to expose
    A bit of pudenda
    How can they not renda
    Some views that we call 'camel toes?'

  3. At least you've the guts to admit it
    A suit stretched too far may help split it
    If views get intenser
    You think they won't censor?
    I hope you at least catch a titbit.

    From my growing vocab, stuff emerges
    Where some say it could use a few purges
    Words like quim and pudenda
    This crude-like agenda -
    To satisfy primitive urges.
    (Well, it's MY list and I'll make more splurges!)